Self-management training program for leaders and managers fostering their capacity to deal with change and uncertainty

Self-Management in Times of Change

Leaders and managers are confronted with a higher amount of change and uncertainty than in the past. Gartner claims that “the average organization has undergone five enterprise changes in the past three years. Seventy-three percent of organizations expect more change initiatives in the next few years.”

The ability to deal with changes and to quickly assess and plan the way forward in times of change has become a key condition of success. Both for companies and individuals. McKinsey studies suggest that companies which succeeded in times of crises were those that moved further and faster before, during, and after the crisis.

However change and leading change can create a lot of uncertainty and question marks. When leaders and managers have doubts and lack clarity on prioritities and ways forward, they can easily over analyze the situation and avoid making decisions.  Which then impacts overall progress and company's performance.

Self-management is a set of skills that help leaders and managers to better deal with the uncertainty linked to changes. Self-management helps to better manage reactions in change, quicker assess and decide on the next steps forward and adapt faster to the new reality.

Why REALISER Self-Management Training Program

Self-management program creates a sustainable change in behavior and builds a continuous improvement mindset that are missing in the standard training programs.

Low Impact of Leadership Training Programs.

Leadership training not always translating into a real behavioral change. After a short period of high energy during and after the training, participants can try some techniques, but if there are little successes, they will go back to their usual ways or working.

We Learn Best When Facing Real Challenges

We learn best when we are facing specific situations and challenges. Standard trainings use case studies and imaginary scenarios to teach how to deal with different scenarios and develop new skills. But participants are not always able to apply their learnings in their real life.

Change is a Process That Takes Time

Short-term trainings are not making a sustainable change. New habits are built over a minimum of three months of continuous focus. In order to achieve a sustainable change in behavior and mindset, it is necessary to keep the momentum and anchor new habits over time.

What is the REALISER® Self-Management Program

The REALISER® program is an 8-module training and coaching program spread over the period of six months. The program teaches a self-management mindset necessary to forge through uncertainty, adapt to change and maintain continuous growth. 

The program builds self-awareness and habits that enable using the self-management skills in the future.

It teaches the REALISER Model that helps leaders and managers to asses and plan next steps when they need to make decisions in times of change and uncertainty.

What Are the Results of the REALISER® Self-Management Program

  • Increased capacity to deal with change and uncertainty in a constructive way
  • Faster decision-making and focus on win-win solutions
  • Better emotional management and stability in times of change
  • Continuous individual growth by applying and learning with the REALISER® model
  • Better leaders and managers who effectively support their teams in change


With REALISER process I come up with decisions that are win-win solutions for everyone. It takes time to get used to approaching things differently and the REALISER Program builds that knowledge step by step.
Managing DirectorFinergie

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