Level Up Program

Professional coaching for middle and senior managers in times of change

Maximize Performance in Times of Change

Taking on a new role, moving from an individual contributor to a people manager, leading a high-stakes project can be overwhelming. It takes time to find a good structure that works in the new environment.  The skills that contributed to the success in the past, might not be exactly the same skills that will create success in the future.

Level-Up program is a tailored-made coaching program that helps leaders and managers to quickly perform in their new roles, grow their self-management and develop missing soft skills.

Why to choose Level Up program?


Goals are defined based on a specific situation and priorities.


Solutions come from yourself - you are the expert on your challenges.

Step by step

You define, acquire and anchor new skills step by step.


You spend time working on your specific challenges.


7 sessions in total, first results from the third session.

Lasting Impact

New skills developed and anchored as new habits so that they stick.


There is a hidden potential that you did not imagine having.


Nothing motivates better than seeing results of your efforts.


It takes time to be more organized, but the more organized I am, the more time I have for myself to drive strategic projects. The more structured I become, the more trust I can build with my team. They will know that when I say something, it will happen.
Group Procurement Director EMEA & APACKnauf Insulation
I have learned to see my behaviour from distance and analyse it. Then with the right focus, you are able to change old habits.
Head of CAPEX ProcurementKnauf Insulation
To drive changes in your organization you need to stay disciplined and engaged on a daily basis. Without taking time to reflect on what you need to put in place to maintain your own drive, you can easily end up inconsistent or burnt out.
Managing DirectorDLF

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Professional Coaching
Level Up
For middle and senior managers in times of change: promotion, new high-stake role or leading a complex project.
Get faster up to speed
Level up your soft skills
Reduce stress
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Training & Coaching
Individual or Group
Self-management program for leaders and managers fostering their capacity to deal with change and uncertainty.
Simplify complex challenges
Make better and faster decisions
Reinforce continuous growth
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Company or Department
Design, plan and implement change in your organization or department to achieve results on time and on budget.
ADKAR methodology
Structure and clarity
Better engagement
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