From Employee to Freelancer: Are You Ready? With a Self-Assessment Test

If you are considering freelancing or pursuing a business idea, below video and assessment tool will help you to evaluate how ready you are. From the business side and from the perspective of you as a person – your own skills and your own self-management (capacity to master yourself, find motivation, time, and energy to pursue your own ideas and accomplish what you truly want to accomplish).

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From Employee To Freelancer: Are You Ready? Recording from Freelance Business Month October 2020

There is a saying: “Everything starts with a dream.”

What is your dream? Why would you like to become a freelancer or build your own business? Would you like to have more freedom, be your own boss? More time flexibility? Earn more money with your expertise? Pursue your passion? Contribute to something greater and bigger?

Sometimes everything starts with a dream. Sometimes you simply start because you have an opportunity, and you decide to grab the opportunity without too much thinking. Like me.

I still remember that evening 6 years ago. I have a call with my former colleague from Vlerick MBA. I can not believe it, he just asked me if I would like to become one of the 5 co-founders of his tech start-up.  Such an opportunity. And I am thinking. what a coincidence: 9 months ago I decided to explore my options. I set myself a goal „I work when I feel like working“.

That goal is the essence of freedom, more time flexibility, and doing work that I am so passionate about that I dont feel like working. One clear passion that time was around coaching.

But in my mind, If an opportunity like this comes, you need to grab it.

After a couple of meetings with the guys, I know this is going to be hard work. I don’t know anything about tech or the industry. But it is daunting, it is adventurous, I want to give it a try.

And my dream about coaching – no time, no energy, too busy. Working on a big project now!

1 year later, 3 months after I left my B2B sales job for a big chemical company, those 5 co-founders have a big meeting. My female colleague who gave birth to her baby just a few weeks ago flies over from Slovakia. There is a lot of tension – not only because the contract that had been pre-negotiated, was canceled, but also because of the team. We are not doing well as a team. And I am definitely part of the problem. What do we do? 

The next phase is painful for all of us, I and the other woman leave the startup. We are not tech people anyway. And maybe we don’t have the right mindset, attitude, or skills to be in this business.

The good news is: Now I finally have time to follow my passion – coaching. But am I ready? And that’s the moment when dreams clash with reality.

I want to ask you?

Are you ready to take huge risks, are you ready for your dreams to clash with the reality and end up with a lot of pressure? Or do you want to go slowly, prepare, be realistic, and grow into the challenge?

Click on the below button and assess how ready you are from the business preparation and your own skills and self-management. It will help you to identify your areas of attention or strength and identify the right strategies to put in place.