Fine-Tune Your Retirement Project

Workshop 10: Your Support System (Relationships & Community)

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Every Week

8pm - 9pm

Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris

Online on Zoom

With plenty of interaction
How retirement impacts life priorities and how to find the right balance.
How to set your ambitions even if you don't know exactly what your project is about.
How to shape your passion project so that it's enjoyable for you and relevant for others.
How to find the first logical steps that will be easy and fun to do.
How to do things according to your values and accomplish things with more ease and flow.
How to detach from what mattered in the past and embrace your new identity.
How your purpose helps you act on your ideas. How to find and define your purpose.
How to build a new life structure and spend your time wisely. (Neither too busy, nor too idle.)
How to overcome challenging thoughts and emotions, and cultivate positive attitude.
What happens in retirement with relationships and how to deal with it.
How to take the leap into the unknown and trust the process.

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