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How to Worry Less and Achieve More

Be unstoppable with the REALISER®


Six-Month Group Program

Based on the REALISER® model developed by Lenka Grackova



·     Motivate yourself to realise your ideas and goals.

·     Persevere and get quickly back on your feet when you lose drive or hope.

·     Adapt and find ways to overcome obstacles.

·     Use your full potential to achieve your goals.

·      Have more fun in doing difficult things.


·      Achieve more of your ideas and goals.

·      Be emotionally and mentally more robust.

·      Have the skills and tools to repeat the process in the future.

·     Have confidence to pursue and accept new big professional opportunites.


MODULE 1:  Mental Clarity Formula

·     You will get clarity on three main areas to address in the next six to twelve months.

·     You will create inspiring goals that will tap into your true ambitions and ignite your fire.

·      You will have clarity, purpose, drive , and energy to get moving.

MODULE 2:  Simplification formula

·    You will learn how to lay out a high-level plan even if you don't know where to start (to reduce complexity and uncertainty).

·      You will learn how to get the momentum going with the first right step framework.

·     You will have a roadmap towards your goals and know how to make such a roadmap for any complex goals.

·       You will have your own simple first step to take when you feel stuck.

MODULE 3:  Emotional mastery

·    You will master your emotional reactions and stay robust and focused on your journey.

·     You will grow your mental and emotional strength by building the right habits.

·     You will get a list of my best free tools to use when you are hit by different emotions.

MODULE 4:  Decision making formula

·     You will discover how making decisions reduce uncertainty in your life and bring more peace and feeling of control.

·    You will step into your own power by making decisions that are aligned to your needs and priorities.

·     You will save time and energy by making faster decisions with "No regrets" 5-step decision-making blueprint. 

MODULE 5:  Structure that motivates

·    You will put in place structure that motivates you even if it gets hard, boring or no one else is holding you accountable.

·    You will grow your commitment to yourself and your own goals.

·     You will persevere and stay on track with more joy and purpose without getting burnt out.

MODULE 6:  Fast skill set building

·    You will learn how to quickly build new skills (soft or hard).

·    You will learn to be flexible in different situations without overadapting to the others.

·     You will be confident that you can quickly acquire new skills. 

MODULE 7:  Problem solving blueprint

·    You will consolidate all the learnings in the REALISER ® model.

·    You will worry less and stay focused on your path without being distracted by problems.

·    You will accelerate your learning process when facing new challenges and problems.

·    You will have more fun with problem-solving.


·    To discuss how the program will support you, please schedule a free consultation below.

·    Program opens on June 13 2020. 

·    First three months you will work through 7 modules with support of bi-weekly group calls.

·    The following three months you will go deeper in topics based on your choice.

·    Program includes 7 modules of video tutorials, worksheets, 20 hours of group calls and 2 individual coaching sessions.


With REALISER process I come up with decisions that are win-win solutions for everyone. It takes time to get used to approaching things differently and the program builds that knowledge step by step.
Business OwnerStrategic Consulting
I applied REALISER model on my weekly routine. Having this coaching provided me with a lot of confidence to try new things and embrace new challenges. Finally, Lenka's coaching was instrumental to help me receiving a global leadership award at work.
Regulatory ManagerConstruction Industry
When you see that you have finished everything you wanted by 2 pm, it is extremely motivating.
General ManagerFood Industry


Lenka Grackova

Lenka Grackova, ACC, MBA

Lenka has twenty years of hands-on experience in business (logistics, marketing, B2B sales, tech start-up, change management and coaching).

She supports leaders, professionals and business owners to get things under control, find more time and energy for what they truly want to accomplish. Her specialty is self-management in times of change.

She spoke at an international conference ICF Converge in 2019 about the power of self-management.

Contact details: +32 493 52 54 30, lenka.grackova@realiser.be