How to Worry Less and Achieve More

From confusion to clarity and action in simple 8 steps

using the REALISER® model


I like the systematic approach to the problems we may encounter. The Ambition part really helped me to project the vision of the ideal outcome and feel how this goal, I want to achieve, is important to me. This is a great source of internal motivation.
I liked 4 challenges of the human brain the most. It was very interesting and useful for me for understanding my own challenges better.
I liked the personal touch - link to the personal experience, the concreteness of the approach to move forward in life.
I like the process that helps to think things through, the different steps are clear in my mind.
Very nice delivery, unhurried, good system (REALISER), and organisational tips.
Great webinar!

When things do not go the way you expect, it can throw you off. When things go wrong, it is not pleasant.

I have been very lucky to land opportunities I wished for. Getting a marketing job at a big cosmetics company was my dream. Did you have a dream that turned into a nightmare? I did, it happened there.

A few years later, I was offered a role in B2B sales at a big chemical company, largely, thanks to my past experience in the cosmetics industry.  After nine months of training and five months at my home office, 1000 km away from colleagues, I wanted to quit the job. But I did not. I was too proud or too stubborn or just unclear what other jobs to look for. The outcome was two sales achievement awards and enriching six years with great colleagues and amazing customers.                                                         

Lenka Grackova
Webinar with Lenka Grackova. The author of the REALISER blueprint.

Did I learn how to manage moments when things go wrong? Not fully. A tech start-up episode was rather a flop. I saw things going bad, but I failed to take the right actions.

It took twenty years of life experience with change, six years of coaching practice, and three years of development and testing to get to simple eight steps.  


THE SIMPLE 8 STEPS that lead to better SOLUTIONS, better ACTIONS and better RESULTS

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