Stop Reacting, Start Creating!

Take control of your automatic reactions and stay on top of your game with the REALISER® model

5 August 2020
at 8 pm CEST - Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague (UTC+2)

Automatic reactions are natural. They are meant to protect you and make your life easier. However, some automatic reactions can massively stand in the way of you having healthy relationships, creating great things, and living a better life. 

Have you ever said something you regretted the day after? Or kept postponing something challenging?

I started consciously working on my automatic reactions ten years ago. I was doing a job that was very much out of my comfort zone...  I was so overwhelmed by my responsibilities at that time. All the emails, questions, problems! I did not have any idea what to do with them.                                              

Lenka Grackova
Webinar with Lenka Grackova. The author of the REALISER model.

My automatic reaction was:  When I don't know what to do, I ... put it aside. I was hoping that over time, I would figure out the answers.  And the problems were piling, reminders were coming in and I was overthinking.  I felt worse and worse about my work and myself too. I knew that I did not want to be THAT person. But I did not know what to do with it.

Solutions are sometimes so simple! I changed this automatic reaction after one coaching discussion. And all has become so much easier and more rewarding! Not only at work, but in my whole life.

The ability to spot, address and change my automatic reactions has been transformational and I believe that we all need to learn this skill.

Don't Let Automatic Reactions Control You! 

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Don't Let Automatic Reactions Stop You! 

This webinar is for all people wanting to :

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  • Feel more calm, peace and control in their life.
  • Be at their best whatever happens around them.
  • Create great things despite hurdles and obstacles.

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